York Space Systems To Leverage AAC Microtec Advanced Avionics For Small Spacecraft Platform

August 8, 2016 – York Space Systems and AAC Microtec have announced a definitive agreement for the supply of advanced command and data handling avionics for York’s S-Class small spacecraft platform. The avionics leverage AAC’s unique design approach with low cost and high reliability.

Under the agreement, the electronics will be manufactured by York in the United States; enabling broad reach across US Government and commercial markets.

“AAC’s design and avionics capabilities are a great fit for our S-Class platform, and our production plans. The products are compact, affordable, and offer an array of interfaces and variety for payload and mission customers, while giving our platforms best-in-class performance. We look forward to developing our great relationship and supporting the successful rollout of our mass production platform with AAC,” said Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer of York Space Systems.

The first flight sets will be aboard York’s Harbinger mission for a US Government customer, launching Q3 2017, and will be integrated across York’s 20+ platforms currently under formal agreements or LOIs planned for production for commercial and Government customers.

“York Space demonstrated early on that we could craft a win-win business agreement from our initial meetings at our Mountain View office last November. This effort has established a solid foothold in the US to complement our European and Asian markets,” said Michael Carey, President and CEO AAC Microtec North America, Inc. “As a global provider of cost effective fault-tolerant and radiation tolerant systems, AAC Microtec proudly supports the efforts of York Space systems from offices in California and in Sweden. We look forward to supporting this rising star in New Space and our mutual growth in the North American space sector”

York’s S-Class platform combines capability, cost, and rapid delivery allowing customers to rethink the way space assets are procured. For both Government and commercial customers, the S-Class platform gives customers the ability to deploy rapidly off-the-shelf and at mass production cost points, while avoiding the three year wait time between concept and flight.

The S-Class platform addresses the responsive and commoditized approach demanded by customers, allowing Payloads and Mission Planners to focus on the important aspects of the mission—the data and the payload. With one-week delivery times on inventory, known interfaces, and unmatched cost points, the S-Class is intended to win the make/buy decision with a Model-T approach.

York Space Systems is an aerospace company based in Denver, Colorado, specializing in small and medium class spacecraft.