York Space Systems Announces 10 Platform Agreement With Iceye

August 12, 2016 – Denver spacecraft manufacturer York Space Systems announced they will supply global monitoring provider ICEYE with 10 spacecraft platforms supporting the deployment of ICEYE’s global constellation.

In addition, Iceye’s game changing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) will be the primary payload for the Harbinger Mission currently being developed with a Government customer, and planned for launch in Q3 2017.

“We are thrilled that Iceye has chosen our platform to support their constellation. I see great value in the data their game-changing payload can provide. I also recognize the vast impact this could have on climate, agriculture, disaster relief, and space data in general.” said Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer of York Space Systems.

The Harbinger Mission is currently planned to launch in the third quarter of 2017, demonstrating the rapid deployment capabilities of the S-Class platform with integrated payloads currently being demanded by Commercial and Government customers.

“The ability to deploy and field a SAR solution of this caliber wasn’t even possible 5 years ago, so we look forward to continuing to work with ICEYE to support our first launch next year and beyond,” Wallinger said.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Iceye is working to launch and operate a constellation of micro satellites equipped with imaging radar technology. Iceye is focused on expanding the availability of SAR data to support decision making for industries as diverse as logistics, insurance, and energy. Data can also be used by organizations monitoring the climate and environment, or providing search and rescue missions. The Iceye instrument can see through clouds, obscuring weather, and in the dark – all conditions that limit camera-based services in situations where waiting for daylight and favorable weather is not an option.

Rafal Modrzewski, Chief Executive Officer of ICEYE said, “York’s design presents the ability to achieve cost points and delivery timelines for spacecraft platforms that are extremely attractive. We’re pleased to work together with them to diversify and improve the development of our SAR micro satellites and ultimately deliver a better offering to our customers. We are excited about the upcoming launch of the Harbinger Mission and we look forward to our continuing work with York in advancing the Iceye constellation”

York Space Systems is an aerospace company based in Denver, Colorado, specializing in small and medium class spacecraft.