X-37B OTV Team Wins 2015 Space Achievement Award

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force

February 10, 2015 – The Space Foundation has selected the U.S. Air Force-Boeing X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) Team to receive one of its top honors, the 2015 Space Achievement Award. The award will be presented on April 13 during the opening ceremony of the 31st Space Symposium at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, co-sponsored by Northrop Grumman.

“The 2015 Space Achievement Award is presented to the U.S. Air Force-Boeing X-37B Team, for significantly advancing the state of the art for reusable spacecraft and on-orbit operations, with the design, development, test and orbital operation of the X-37B space flight vehicle over three missions totaling 1,367 days in space,” said Space Foundation Chief Executive Officer Elliot Pulham.

The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle is an unmanned space vehicle that is being used by the United States Air Force to explore reusable space vehicle technologies in support of long-term space objectives. Objectives of the X-37B program include space experimentation, risk reduction, and concept of operations development. Boeing’s involvement in the program dates back to 1999.

The Space Achievement Award recognizes individuals or organizations for breakthrough space technology or critical milestones in the evolution of space exploration and development.

Recent recipients have included:
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