WorldView-4 Imagery To Become Available To All Commercial Customers On August 31

WorldView-4 is DigitalGlobe’s next very high resolution imaging satellite providing high resolution and color imagery to commercial, government and international customers. Image Credit: Lockheed Martin

August 29, 2017 – DigitalGlobe, Inc. today announced that it has delivered high-accuracy, high-resolution imagery from its WorldView-4 satellite to PSMA Australia to further build out Geoscape, a digital representation of the Australian continent’s built environment.

PSMA Australia offers national geospatial datasets derived from authoritative sources to support a range of public and private business solutions and is among the first commercial customers to leverage WorldView-4 imagery. PSMA Australia is using DigitalGlobe’s unrivaled satellite imagery to create valuable location and built environment information for an estimated 20 million buildings across Australia, including features such as building footprints and heights, rooftop materials, solar panels, and swimming pools.

“Having access to precise information about the built environment is critical for a number of industries in Australia including insurance, urban planning, emergency management and business intelligence,” said Dan Paull, PSMA Australia’s Chief Executive Officer. “WorldView-4 delivers increased capacity for very high quality satellite imagery collection over Australia, supporting a more complete annual refresh of Geoscape data, particularly land cover, elevation, and tree and building heights, to meet the needs of our customers.”

WorldView-4 satellite imagery will be available to all commercial customers beginning on August 31. WorldView-4 joined WorldView-3 as the world’s highest-resolution commercial imaging satellites and began serving its first direct access customer in February. The satellite doubles DigitalGlobe’s capacity to collect 30 cm commercial satellite imagery.

“By adding WorldView-4’s high-accuracy, 30 cm imagery to our 100-petabyte, time-lapse image library, DigitalGlobe is making more imagery available to cover the areas that matter to customers,” said Amy Minnick, DigitalGlobe SVP and General Manager of Commercial Imagery. “Our high-quality imagery is a powerful enabler for numerous global transformations, such as the development of 5G networks and autonomous vehicles, unlocking insights and delivering actionable intelligence that allow customers to make decisions with confidence.”

Leading up to the commercial launch of WorldView-4 products, numerous partners, customers and ecosystem vendors tested the imagery in their workflows. PCI Geomatics was among the prominent software vendors to receive early imagery samples.

“PCI Geomatics has worked with early samples of WorldView-4 imagery provided by DigitalGlobe. Not only was the quality of WorldView-4 imagery excellent, as we have come to expect from DigitalGlobe, but we also found that the integration with our desktop and large volume image processing systems was seamless,” said David Piekny, Product Marketing Manager at PCI Geomatics. “This is great news for our customers who will soon be using WorldView-4 imagery to continue to produce high-quality products and perform advanced analysis for their end users.”

The WorldView-4 satellite was built by Lockheed Martin. Its imaging payload was developed by Harris Corp. The satellite was carried to orbit on November 11, 2016 by a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket that was provided by Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services.