World Premiere: Colorado Jetpack Pilot Is Back For Another High-Risk Stunt

Lake San Cristobal where the stunt will take place on August 23rd. Image Credit: Mary Carkin

Lake San Cristobal where the stunt will take place on August 23rd. Image Credit: Mary Carkin

August 22, 2016 – On August 23, jetpack history will be made when veteran pilot, Eric Scott, launches his rocket-powered machine from under the deep waters of Lake San Cristobal, in Lake City, Colorado. The Apollo Jetpack Team has been testing the performance of the jetpack underwater, and is hopeful for a successful stunt as part of a video for the international launch of Apollo Energy Gum.

Scott, 52, from Boulder, Colorado, will count on his 24 years of jetpack pilot experience to control the 800-horsepower rocket engine strapped to his back to execute his flight plan. Should everything go as planned, Scott, submerged below the water and breathing from a SCUBA system, will take one last breath before launching toward the surface and 100 feet into the sky, navigating towards the shore, and landing on firm ground before his 30-second fuel supply runs out.

“It has been my dream for 15 years,” Scott said. “I don’t know what will happen. Everything will depend on how deep I go with a 130-pound jetpack on my back. Anything can happen during launch. The performance will be my first attempt. Honestly, I’m scared, but it is what I live for.”

Scott is no stranger to this extreme form of flight. As the holder of multiple jetpack world records, including a 2008 flight over the Royal Gorge, he is looking forward to adding another unique experience to his logbook. The number of people who have piloted jetpacks is on par with the number of people who have walked on the moon.

“Apollo is about the future. We are always trying to stay on the leading edge with all of our products – from our energy gum to our flying machines. This water flight will show the world something people have never seen or realized is possible,” said Apollo Gum Company CEO and GO FAST! founder, Troy Widgery.