Welcome Ceremony at Schriever AFB

Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. July 14, 2014 – Team Schriever observed the 65-year lineage of the 50th Space Wing with a reveille on Monday. The ceremony is the first in a weeklong schedule of events at Schriever AFB.

This week’s events honor the 50th Space Wing’s lineage, which dates back to the 50th Fighter Group, originally activated in June 1949. Since then the 50th has changed names and mission to what is now known as the 50th Space Wing, whose mission is to command satellites to deliver decisive global effects.

“We want to celebrate and honor over 65 years of technological advancements in air and space through the years which are a direct result of a dedicated community of military, civilians and contractors at in the 50th and at Schriever Air Force Base and around the world,” said Col. Bill Liquori, 50th Space Wing and installation commander.

Reveille is the signal for the start of the official duty day and upon the commander’s direction, a ceremony including flight formations may accompany the raising of the flag. Other Schriever Week events include a round robin softball tournament, the Schriever Rough and Tough Scramble (obstacle course), a Chiefs versus Eagles softball game and will conclude with the base’s annual summer picnic.

“Schriever Week is really about celebrating our history, our accomplishments and a time to appreciate each other, military, civilian and contractors, of what we do and recharge and get ready for the six months to come,” said Senior Master Sgt. Patricia Ford, Schriever Week project officer.