SpaceUnited Donates Images to Save Lives

Satellite Image of Kenya. Image Source: SpaceUnited

Satellite Image of Kenya. Image Source: SpaceUnited

Arvada, Colorado. June 7, 2014 – SpaceUnited, a nonprofit humanitarian space agency, recently donated three satellite images to aid partners saving lives across the world.

SpaceUnited improves lives through space exploration by applying related technologies to humanitarian initiatives all over the world. The images were fundraised, purchased, and delivered using small crowdfunding donations from 126 funders as a part of the organization’s ImageGryphon humanitarian space mission.

The images were taken of Jordan, Kenya, and Iran, and they were given to the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Kickstart International, and The Sentinel Project, respectively.

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative researches how satellite imagery protects vulnerable populations affected by both human and natural disasters. They will use the donated image of Jordan to aid the residents of the Zaatari refugee camp who have been displaced from the dangerous situation in Syria.

Kickstart International lifts millions of people in Africa out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably. They will use the donated image of Kenya to monitor the impact of irrigation by measuring the expansion of farmed areas.

The Sentinel Project prevents and mitigates situations where communities are at risk of genocide. They will use the donated image of Iran to protect the Bahá’í people from government repression by analyzing the reported destruction of a local cemetery.

There is a continuous need for this type of resource around the world. Each image costs approximately $300 and can save numerous lives.