Sierra Nevada Corp. Completes Acquisition of ORBITEC

Sparks, Nevada. July 10, 2014 – Sierra Nevada Corporation has completed its acquisition of Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC), headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The company will continue its operations in Madison, while supporting SNC’s Space Systems in Louisville, Colorado.

The acquisition comes as the result of the previous successful working relationship between the two firms. The combined capabilities and products of SNC’s Space Systems and ORBITEC provide SNC’s customers with a comprehensive set of green space propulsion technology options with both hybrid solid/liquid and bipropellant liquid rocket motors. SNC Space Systems provides components and subsystems to space contractors, including gimbal mechanisms, power subsystems, solar array drives, release mechanisms, integrated solar panel assemblies and flight control actuators.

“We’re pleased to formally welcome ORBITEC to the SNC family,” said SNC President Eren Ozmen. “It was a natural progression for our two companies to come together after years of teaming on SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft program. Our complementary technologies, depth in space systems leadership and steadfast commitment to developing safe, human spaceflight, are consistent with both our business plans for significantly growing our aerospace and commercial markets.”

As previously announced by SNC, the ORBITEC acquisition extends SNC’s subsystems portfolio to include Environmental Control Life Support Subsystems (ECLSS) and advanced thermal management for human spaceflight vehicles and orbiting habitats. The excellent performance characteristics and value of ORBITEC’s ECLSS and Reaction Control Subsystem (RCS) technology made these the clear choice for SNC’s Dream Chaser winged Commercial Crew Transport for the International Space Station. SNC is committed to continuing ORBITEC’s excellent relationships with its government and commercial customers.

ORBITEC’s decades of experience in strong liquid rocket propulsion systems, human spaceflight life support and thermal systems, automated life science systems, and fire suppression systems portfolio will provide substantial enhancements to SNC’s Space Systems’ broad product line,” said Mark N. Sirangelo, corporate vice president of SNC Space Systems.