Satellite Operators From Around The World To Convene In Denver

November 2, 2018 – From November 13-16, satellite operators from around the world will convene in Denver, Colorado for the bi-annual Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Operators’ Workshop. The workshop allows spacecraft owners/operators to discuss issues related to launch and satellite spaceflight operations. Over 15 countries will be represented including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Poland, and Turkey.

During this four-day workshop, satellite operators will hear presentations on current concepts of operation (CONOPS), the latest risk assessment tools and methods, and lessons learned from specific operational scenarios. The workshop will include nearly 150 satellite operators and mission stakeholders from commercial and government agencies.

Space Situational Awareness refers to the ability to view, understand, and predict the physical location of natural and man-made objects in orbit around the Earth. Space surveillance has taken on increased importance in recent years, as the near-earth orbital regime becomes more contested, congested, and competitive. With over 308,000 potential space-junk collisions logged just in 2017, the compounding issue of intentional and unintentional threats to space assets will only get worse. With space exploration and commerce about to boom, it’s more important than ever to keep track of all the debris.

The event is hosted by SpaceNav, a Boulder-based applied mathematics and aerospace engineering firm. Since 2009, SpaceNav has focused on delivering new, state-of-the-art solutions in the SSA domain for defense and commercial customers around the world including NASA, NOAA, USGS, and Google.

With the vast ecosystem created by high-tech companies, four military commands, and eight major space contractors, Colorado is at the center for aerospace activity

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