OAI President, Stanley Kennedy Jr, Presents Virtual Session For STEM Outreach

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March 18, 2016 – On February 24, 2016 OAI President, Stanley Kennedy Jr., presented a video session to students from Lively Elementary in Irving, TX. The session, titled “Objects in the Sky,” helped Lively Elementary 2nd graders answer key questions:

  • Where does the Moon go during the day?
  • Where does the Sun go at night?
  • Does the Moon have its own light?
  • Why does the shape of the Moon appear to change during the month?
  • Why don’t we see the other side of the moon?
  • Using Nepris, a free online, video-conference tool that connects industry professionals and educators, Kennedy was able to give a live presentation to students as well as ask and answer questions.

    According to the Nepris site, 57% of boys and 68% of girls who chose a high tech career say they were inspired by a person or a class during the middle or high school years. STEM has always been a priority to Stanley and the entire OAI staff and the company feels it is important to keep kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics so they can continue to understand the changing world around them and drive innovation.

    “You have to find the ‘hook’, the spark that will get a child interested in science, technology, engineering, and math and then build upon that to help them set and reach their goals,” Kennedy said. “Nepris brings STEM to the kids and shows them ‘cool things’ they wouldn’t normally get to see; it opens up enormous opportunities.”

    For more information on Nepris, visit: www.nepris.com

    To view “Objects in the Sky” follow the links below:

    Session Summary: http://nepris.com/Sessions/Detail/45749

    Original Video Session: https://app.nepris.com/#!sessions/view/45749