November 10, 2017

Lockheed Martin And Mines Create Software Academy

Mines students and faculty meet with Lockheed Martin representatives. Image Credit: Colorado School of Mines

November 10, 2017 – Lockheed Martin and Colorado School of Mines have partnered in a unique opportunity for software engineering students. The Lockheed Martin Software Academy, which just completed the pilot program, selects a handful of students from Mines who commit to the rigors of an actual position at Lockheed Martin, while getting paid and receiving school credit. Read More

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Blue Origin Remains On Course For 2020 Debut Of New Glenn Heavy Lift Rocket

With their large production facility on Merritt Island nearing completion of its initial build, construction of their launch pad and testing facilities proceeding well, and a successful first firing of their BE-4 engine, Blue Origin is on track to meet the company’s stated goal of debuting their New Glenn heavy lift launch vehicle sometime in 2020.

Carrying Energy To The Corona With Waves
Source: AAS Nova

The solar corona has a problem: it’s weirdly hot! A new study explores how magnetic waves might solve the mystery of the unusually hot corona by transporting energy to the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

XCOR Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Source: Midland Reporter-Telegram

The small aerospace company headquartered in Midland filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Wednesday in the Eastern District of California. Chapter 7 involves liquidating assets to pay off debt. Midland Development Corp. will try to get as much of its investment back as it can, according to Chairman Brent Hilliard.

Russian Space Firm To Team Up With US Boeing On Lunar Program
Source: TASS

Russia’s Energiya Rocket and Space Corporation plans to cooperate with the US Boeing in manufacturing docking assemblies under the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) international program to create a near-Moon station, the company told TASS on Friday.

ULA Feels No Schedule Pressure To Select Vulcan Engine
Source: SpaceNews

The chief executive of United Launch Alliance said Nov. 9 that he doesn’t feel any urgency to select a main engine for his company’s next-generation Vulcan rocket, despite an impending deadline for an Air Force launch competition.

China Expected To Complete First Sea Launch For Commercial Payloads In 2018
Source: Sputnik International

China is expected to complete its first sea launch for commercial payloads in 2018, said Yang Baohua, vice general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC). Yang made the remarks at an annual academic conference on space science held from November 1 to 2 in Beijing.

Russia Successfully Tests New Spaceship Set To Deliver People, Cargo To Moon
Source: Sputnik International

Russia has successfully tested a simulator of the spaceship, with the objective of reaching the moon. The experiment’s goal was to create conditions similar to those encountered by a mixed crew during a long autonomous interplanetary flight.

Bye Aerospace, SolAero Technologies Announce Successful Solar Wing Ground Test
Source: SolAero Technologies Corp.

SolAero Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce successful completion of ground testing of the integrated solar wings on Bye Aerospace’s medium-altitude, long-endurance solar-electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called “StratoAirNet.” SolAero successfully integrated lightweight, flexible solar modules incorporating their state-of-the-art, high efficiency solar cell technology onto the wing structure, manufactured by Bye, while minimizing add-on mass and preserving the critical laminar flow surface of the wing.

Hearing: NASA Exploration Systems Development … And Delay
Source: Leonard David’s Inside Outer Space

A House Space Subcommittee hearing was held November 9, dedicated to examining the development of the Space Launch System (SLS), Orion Crew Vehicle and the associated ground systems.