NASA Soliciting NIAC Phase II Visionary Advanced Concepts

Montage of advanced concepts from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program announcing the FY17 NIAC Phase II Solicitation. Image Credit: NASA/[Justin Atchison, John Bradford, Steven Oleson, Bin Chen, Kathy Reilly]

December 12, 2016 – The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program is seeking Phase II proposals for the continuation of promising studies selected during the first phase of the visionary program.

NIAC funds cutting-edge concepts with the potential to transform future aerospace missions, enable new capabilities, or significantly alter current approaches to launching, building, and operating aerospace systems.

“I am always excited to see the Phase II proposals,” said Jason Derleth, NIAC program executive in the Space Technology Mission Directorate. “They show us how the NIAC Fellows plan to move their Phase I concepts forward.

NASA will be accepting NIAC Phase II proposals of no more than 15 pages in length until February 3, 2017 (the notice of interest is due December 15, 2016). The solicitation is open only to current or previously awarded NIAC Phase I Fellows who have not completed a Phase II study.

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