NASA Seeks America’s Best And Brightest For Research Fellowships

Image Credit: NASA

Image Credit: NASA

September 18, 2015 – NASA is extending an opportunity for current and future master and doctoral students to submit graduate student fellowship applications in relevant space technology disciplines at accredited U.S. universities. Proposals are due by Thursday, November 5.

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate seeks to sponsor graduate student researchers who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating new and innovative space technologies for the nation’s science, exploration and economic future. Fellows will perform innovative space technology research that could improve America’s technological competitiveness by providing the nation with a pipeline of innovative space technologies.

The grants, worth as much as $74,000 per year, will coincide with the start of the fall 2016 academic term. Grant awards resulting from this competitive selection will be made to accredited U.S. universities.

Selected candidates will perform research at their respective colleges or universities and at selected NASA centers. In addition to a faculty advisor, each student will be matched with a technically relevant and community-engaged NASA researcher who will serve as the student’s research collaborator.

Through this collaboration, students will to take advantage of broader and deeper space technology research opportunities directly related to their research objectives, acquire a more detailed understanding of the potential end applications of their efforts, directly disseminate their research results within the NASA community and enhance their understanding of the research process.

For information about this year’s NSTRF16 solicitation and instructions for submitting applications, visit: