July 15 – July 21, 2019

SETI Institute Collaborates With Girl Scouts To Develop New Space Science Badges

From left to right, the new Space Science badges for Girl Scout Cadettes, seniors, and Ambassadors. Image Credit: Girl Scouts of the USA

July 19, 2019 – Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced the release of 42 new badges for girls in grades K–12 in outdoor adventure and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Among these new badges are the Space Science badges for Girl Scout Cadettes (grades 6-8), Seniors (grades 9-10), and Ambassadors (grades 11-12) which were developed as part of the SETI Institute’s Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts program (also known as Girl Scouts Stars). These badges follow the Space Science badges for Girl Scouts in grades K-5, which were released in 2018. Read More

ESA To Provide Third European Service Module For Orion Artemis 3 Mission

Orion and European Service Module orbiting the Moon. Image Credit: NASA/ESA/ATG Medialab

July 19, 2019 – With NASA’s announcement to bring humans back to the surface of the moon before the end of 2024, ESA is preparing to deliver a third European Service Module (ESM) for the Orion spacecraft. Read More

NASA Extends Exploration Of Universe For Eight Astrophysics Missions

Image Credit: NASA

July 18, 2019 – As the Agency sets its sights on sending astronauts back to the Moon and on to Mars, NASA is continuing its pursuit of cosmic science beyond our solar system by extending the missions of eight astrophysics spacecraft that are currently operating, following a review of their productivity. The missions — Chandra, Fermi, Hubble, NICER, NuSTAR, Swift, TESS, and the NASA contribution to the European XMM-Newton mission — represent a wide range of scientific capabilities and tackle a variety of burning questions about the universe. Read More

SEAKR Is Building RF Processors For Saturn Satellite Networks’ Small GEO Satellites “NationSat”

SEAKR Is Building RF Processors For Saturn Satellite Networks’ Small GEO Satellites “NationSat”. Image Credit: SEAKR Engineering Inc.

July 17, 2019 – SEAKR Engineering, Inc. (SEAKR) is pleased to announce it is using next generation technologies to build digital RF processors for Saturn Satellite Networks’ (Saturn) small GEO satellite known as “NationSat.” Saturn is a company founded by space industry veterans focused on building small geostationary satellites, and is building its first NationSat satellite using a 2.5 kW bus design. Saturn’s new GEO satellites deliver the most affordable access to space communications for countries and national service operators where traditional satellites are too big and expensive. Read More

PlanetIQ Secures $18.7 Million Series B Financing Round Co-Led By New Science Ventures And AV8 Ventures

Image Credit: PlanetiQ

July 16, 2019 – PlanetiQ, the high-definition satellite-based weather forecasting and analytics company, announced it has completed an $18.7 million Series B round of financing. New Science Ventures and AV8 Ventures co-led the investment round with participation from existing and new investors, Valo Ventures, Kodem Growth Partners, Access Venture Partners, Virginia Tech Innovation Fund, Hemisphere Ventures, Service Provider Capital, Earth Investments, Moonshots Capital, and a large Kansas City-based family office that wishes to remain anonymous. Read More

AFRL And Catalyst Space Accelerator Announce Applications Are Open For New Space-Based ISR Cohort

July 16, 2019 – Catalyst Space Accelerator is excited to announce the opening of applications for the next cohort, the Space-Based ISR Cohort #CAISR, to be held from September 9 – November 22, 2019. The deadline for applications is August 7, 2019. Read More

United Launch Alliance Adds New Partners For Annual Student Rocket Launch

The Future Heavy rocket. Image Credit: United Launch Alliance

July 16, 2019 – Two new partners are joining United Launch Alliance (ULA) in an annual event designed to inspire the next generation of rocket scientists, engineers and space entrepreneurs. RUAG Space and Airborne Systems will provide flight components for the Future Heavy Super Sport high-power sport rocket. The rocket, built by ULA interns and mentors, will launch at the 2019 Student Rocket Launch, sponsored by ULA and Ball Aerospace. Read More

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