February 18 – February 24, 2019

Tanks For Orion Flight Model No. 2 Delivered

Image Credit: ArianeGroup/Airbus

February 21, 2019 – The first European Service Module for the Orion spaceship is still being intensively tested by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, but work on the second flight model is in full swing. ArianeGroup in Bremen has already delivered the first two of a total of four tanks for the second Orion model. On this mission, astronauts will for the first time travel to the moon and back on board Orion. Read More

New Policy Needed To Advance Space Resources Industry

Image credit: NASA/JPL/USGS

February 21, 2019 – Space mining – the extraction and use of resources from the moon, asteroids and more – once sat firmly in the realm of science fiction. Read More

Annika Rollock Wins Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

Image Credit: University of Colorado Boulder

February 21, 2019 – Aerospace engineering PhD student Annika Rollock is one of 25 individuals nationwide selected for the 2019 Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program. Read More

ULA Wins Competitive Contract Award To Launch Three National Security Space Missions

February 21, 2019 – The United States Air Force announced this week that United Launch Alliance (ULA) was awarded a firm, fixed-price contract to launch three missions on the company’s Atlas V rocket. This contract resulted from a competitive award under the Air Force’s Phase 1A procurement strategy. Read More

Hubble Helps Uncover Origin Of Neptune’s Smallest Moon

This artist’s impression shows the outermost planet of the Solar System, Neptune, and its small moon Hippocamp. Hippocamp was discovered in images taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Image Credit: ESA/Hubble, NASA, L. Calçada

February 21, 2019 – Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, along with older data from the Voyager 2 probe, have revealed more about the origin of Neptune’s smallest moon. The moon, which was discovered in 2013 and has now received the official name Hippocamp, is believed to be a fragment of its larger neighbour Proteus. Read More

Mock Countdown For Atlas V/CST-100 Starliner

Image Credit: United Launch Alliance (ULA)

February 21, 2019 – The joint team that will launch the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner on its Orbital Test Flight conducted a successful Integrated Crew Exercise (ICE) on February 12. Read More

Boulder Ballet: New Horizons

February 21, 2019 – Boulder Ballet is celebrating the landmark achievements of NASA’s New Horizons Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission. They’ve taken the beauty and mystery of space, the courage of exploration, the fragility and strength of humanity and created an evening of ballet that will take the audience on a journey of time and space. Read More

‘Artists Inspire Astronauts’ Contest

Image Credit: NASA

February 21, 2019 – NASA is holding an art contest to fill the hallowed halls of the Astronaut Crew Quarters at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This iconic hallway is where past Apollo and space shuttle astronauts took some of their last steps on Earth before heading to the Moon and the International Space Station. Read More

Solar Tadpole-Like Jets Seen With NASA’s IRIS Add New Clue To Age-Old Mystery

The tadpole-shaped pseudo-shocks, shown in dashed white box, are ejected from highly magnetized regions on the solar surface. Image Credit: Abhishek Srivastava IIT (BHU)/Joy Ng, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

February 19, 2019 – Scientists have discovered tadpole-shaped jets coming out of regions with intense magnetic fields on the Sun. Unlike those living on Earth, these “tadpoles” — formally called pseudo-shocks — are made entirely of plasma, the electrically conducting material made of charged particles that account for an estimated 99 percent of the observable universe. The discovery adds a new clue to one of the longest-standing mysteries in astrophysics. Read More

InSight Is The Newest Mars Weather Service

This artist’s concept shows NASA’s InSight lander with its instruments deployed on the Martian surface. Several of the sensors used for studying Martian weather are visible on its deck, including the inlet for an air pressure sensor and the east- and west-facing weather sensor booms. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

February 19, 2019 – No matter how cold your winter has been, it’s probably not as chilly as Mars. Check for yourself: Starting today, the public can get a daily weather report from NASA’s InSight lander. Read More

NIST ‘Astrocomb’ Opens New Horizons For Planet-Hunting Telescope

NIST Physicist Scott Diddams views the NIST frequency comb designed to ensure the precision of starlight analysis at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope in Texas. Image Credit: NIST

The hunt for Earth-like planets, and perhaps extraterrestrial life, just got more precise, thanks to record-setting starlight measurements made possible by a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) “astrocomb.” Read More

Curtiss-Wright Preparing For Moon And Mars Missions

February 19, 2019 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a supplier of rugged data acquisition systems for aerospace applications, is helping to usher in the next generation of American space travel and preparing to launch NASA astronauts on missions to deep space through the world’s only exploration-class space systems: NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, Orion spacecraft, and the Exploration Ground Systems that launch these vehicles. Read More

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