CU Boulder Now Offering Space Minor Program

Image Credit: University of Colorado Boulder

Image Credit: University of Colorado Boulder

August 30, 2016 – Capitalizing on its reputation as a top public university in space research, the University of Colorado Boulder is launching a brand new Space Minor program for undergraduate students.

The program, a component of CU Boulder’s Grand Challenge: Our Space. Our Future., will allow undergraduate students, regardless of major, to obtain a minor that complements their major degree with a set of five space-related courses. The entry point to the minor is the required Pathway To Space course, which will provide a broad overview of all aspects of space science, engineering, technology and how space is influenced by the arts and humanities.

Topics of the minor will include space science and exploration, human spaceflight and life sciences, aeronautics and near space, launch and spacecraft systems, climate and environment, space business, policy and politics, space arts, media and history. Students will take four more elective classes on space-related topics of their choosing.

“The Space Minor provides CU Boulder students, both technical and non-technical majors, with an opportunity to understand the language, concepts and issues associated with the science and technology of Earth and space,” said Steve Nerem, faculty director of the Space Minor and professor in Aerospace Engineering Sciences.

Nerem added that students who pursue the space minor will gain valuable knowledge and enhance the value of their major. With this background, he said, students will be better prepared to understand, respond to, and be leaders of a rapidly changing technological environment.

The minor consists of 15 credit hours – or five courses. The space minor is now open for enrollment. Find more information at the space minor website.