Support rugged lifestyles, withstand harsh elements and strive in challenging environments. These phones are built to survive, and aim to bring functionality to the working environment – The new Cat range is perfect for use on construction sites, the farm or even during extreme, outdoor activities.

The Cat S62 Pro is an advanced tool, providing instant access to professional-grade thermal imaging in a rugged smartphone.


Offering a superior level of rugged protection that cannot be matched by a mainstream device in a case, its the phone that life won’t break.


Now with silver built-in.
The Cat S42 H+ has been blended with silver ions to fight the growth of bacteria.


Tailor Made Package Deals

It just makes good business sense to buy a rugged phone that is enterprise ready. The Cat Phone range offers you peace of mind as you are buying a device built for operation in harsh environments and conditions. Coupled with the 24 month screens warranty it will keep the accountants happy and your team connected.

The Cat Phone range is enterprise-ready allowing businesses to set up, control, provision and update workplace devices in one place. It supports features such as zero-touch and has undergone a series of enrolment and policy provisioning tests with leading EMM solutions. 

We can also setup an online presentation for your company to run through the unique features and business advantages Cat Phones delivers to enterprise.

Let’s create solution for your business, contact us today.