Colorado Launches Inaugural STEM Activation Event To Engage Girls In Tech Careers

June 13, 2017 – As the technology sector continues to evolve, many companies are having difficulty finding qualified workers to fill in-demand, high-tech jobs. To help grow the talent pipeline and expand this traditionally male-dominated industry, the Colorado Technology Association’s Women in Tech Council hosted the SheTech Explorer Day Colorado, a day-long immersive event where 9th – 11th grade female high school students from across the state learned what it’s like to work in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“There is an imbalance of women in the technology across the nation and here in Colorado”, said CTA president and CEO Andrea Young. “SheTech provides hands-on experience led by female role models from our local tech industry to help these girls envision their future in tech.”

The event on Thursday, June 8, included two immersive technology workshops, nine fun-filled TechZone activities and a TechChallenge. Presented by AT&T Colorado, the SheTech event provided interactive workshops, hands-on exercises and career-focused dialogue alongside 14 technology industry partners and female mentors. As part of the event, the students participated in an industry-led TechChallenge, solving a real-life problem with technology solutions and pitching their idea to a panel of judges. Topics covered included robotics, computer programming, coding basics, digital media, network connectivity and Internet of Things.

“Technology is a core component to everything that drives the economy, that’s why we must make take the extra steps to spark the interests of young women whose perspectives can help mold our global economy. We are thrilled to sponsor SheTech which captures that interest and expands the much-needed perspectives of female talent in the high-tech world,” said Roberta Robinette, President- AT&T Colorado.

Other industry partners included DigitalGlobe, Swiftpage, Arcadis, EKS&H and Zayo Group.

In the four years since its inception, the SheTech program, created by the national organization the Women Tech Council, has activated more than 4,000 girls across the country to pursue STEM careers. Research of past events shows these girls are 95 percent more likely to pursue STEM fields than before they participated in SheTech.

“As more than 50 percent of the workforce worldwide, women play an essential role in the growth of the tech sector and the national and global economies,” said Cydni Tetro, president of the Women Tech Council. “We created SheTech to leverage the talent of girls everywhere by teaching them early how to become a successful part of the booming technology ecosystem through expanding their vision of what is possible and giving them the tools to succeed.”