Boulder-Based Uwingu Offers Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Boulder, Colorado. April 30, 2014 – Until Mother’s Day, May 11, Uwingu is offering a gift pack which includes a special Mother’s Day certificate for anyone choosing to name a Mars crater for mom. All names will be lodged on permanent record and sent to Mars on the private Mars One mission, ensuring every honored mom a permanent place in history.

Uwingu’s Mars Map Crater Naming Project allows anyone to help name the approximately 590,000 unnamed, scientifically cataloged craters on Mars, starting at $5 each. Uwingu aims to raise $10 million for The Uwingu Fund, which provides grants to further space exploration, research and education.

“Our mission is to raise funds for space research while growing a successful company that gets people excited about space exploration and education”, said Alan Stern, planetary scientist, founder, and CEO of Uwingu, who formerly directed all science programs and missions at NASA.

Thanks to the sale of almost 10,000 crater names to date, the Uwingu Fund has already funded grants to projects and organizations including the Astronomers Without Borders, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Mars One mission, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, Explore Mars and the Allen Telescope Array at SETI.

The Boulder-based Uwingu employs a growing team of scientists, educators, NASA veterans and prominent businesspeople who are passionate about space exploration and education.