Ball Aerospace’s Thomas Kampe Named SPIE Fellow

Image Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

February 1, 2018 – Dr. Thomas Kampe, a staff consultant at Ball Aerospace, has been recognized as a Fellow of SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics. This year, SPIE will promote 71 new Fellows of the Society in recognition of those who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in optics, photonics and imaging. Kampe will join three other SPIE Fellows currently at Ball.

“We are excited for Tom to be named a SPIE Fellow, as he is widely known in the industry for his outstanding leadership and genuine contributions to the optics and photonics community,” said Jim Oschmann, 2018 SPIE president elect, and vice president and general manager, civil space business at Ball Aerospace. “This is a well-deserved recognition for his service to the industry as he continues shaping engineers and advancing this science for the future.”

Kampe’s distinguished career spans 30 years. His expertise has provided exceptional technical contributions to the optics and remote sensing community and has helped advance science across the aerospace industry. He has been instrumental in the optical community through mentoring of young engineers and working to further develop their skills. Kampe’s career at Ball began in 1996, as he worked on the development of optical alignment and integration methodologies, and the design and analysis of remote sensing instruments. He has achieved several technical accomplishments working on many high-profile programs including Operational Land Imager-2 (OLI-2), the latest in the series of Landsat Earth-observing satellite missions managed by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey. He is also the Principal Investigator for the Compact Hyperspectral Prism Spectrometer (CHPS) program.

“I appreciate the recognition from SPIE, and feel it reflects on the opportunities and great people I’ve had the chance to work with throughout my career,” Kampe said.

Kampe joined SPIE as a member more than 28 years ago, and his service and involvement has increased over the years. He has authored more than 40 technical and scientific papers, taught a short-course on infrared systems, served as a committee chair for several SPIE conferences, and since 2009 has served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Remote Sensing. Kampe will be inducted as a Fellow of SPIE at the Optics + Photonics meeting in San Diego, CA in June 2018.