Astronaut and Engineer Join SpaceUnited Board

Astronaut Jose Hernandez joins SpaceUnited's Board of Directors. Image Source: NASA/SpaceUnited

Astronaut Jose Hernandez joins SpaceUnited’s Board of Directors. Image Source: NASA/SpaceUnited

Arvada, Colorado. June 4, 2014 – SpaceUnited announces the addition of astronaut Jose Hernandez and aerospace engineer Courtney Wright to its board of directors.

Hernandez flew as a NASA astronaut on STS-128 Discovery from August 28th to September 11th, 2009 as the mission’s flight engineer. In addition to 10 years at NASA, he has also worked as an engineer and manager at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1987-2001), MEI Technologies (2011-2012), and PT Strategies (2013-Present).

Hernandez also has experience as a public speaker and politician. He has spoken to audiences at venues including the Smithsonian Air And Space Museum and TEDx, and in 2012 he ran for U.S. Congress as the representative of the 10th California District where he raised over $2 million to challenge the incumbent.

Wright was an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin where she worked on the integration and operations engineering of several major spaceflight programs. Besides her four years at Lockheed, she has lent her technical skills to the University of Colorado Biological Sciences Initiative and Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) (both 2006-2007).

Wright also spent three years managing the adventures and entertainment department at LivingSocial’s Colorado office, and she founded design company Neodea and event management firm Playhard Productions, where she currently serves as CEO.

Hernandez will be a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization and Wright will lend both her engineering and fundraising insight to SpaceUnited’s development.