Apogee Engineering’s Recent Contract Wins Signal Strong Federal Focus On Space Mission Innovation & Intelligence Technology Advances

April 22, 2019 – Apogee Engineering (Apogee), a leading small business contractor within the federal industry, today announced that the company recently won three major Department of Defense (DoD) contracts with a total value exceeding $190 million. Apogee provides intellectual capital, technical solutions, and critical mission support to U.S. military organizations and federal/civilian agencies.

Over the next several years, Apogee will provide technical expertise to the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles and Directed Energy Directorates, the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Space Logistics Directorate, and the Air Combat Command (ACC) Intelligence Directorate.

“I’m very proud of the Apogee team and our partners as we expand our Air Force solutions delivery,” said Wes Georges, President and CEO of Apogee. “We have a very dedicated and empowered workforce driven to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.”

Apogee will work with AFRL on the development of space technologies that support evolving space-related warfighter requirements and address key areas like communications, positioning, navigation and other critical functions. The company will also support research and development on advanced energy technologies, including high-powered electromagnetics, laser systems, directed energy, electro-optics and other leading-edge technologies. The work under this contract will take place primarily at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico with additional support in California and Hawaii.

Under SMC Space Logistics Infrastructure Support Services (SLISS-2), a six-year contract, Apogee will support missions and provide expertise and services related to command, control, communications and intelligence activities within Air Force Space Command. The agreement covers the provision of logistical support to organizations such as the Air Force Satellite Control Network, Space Lift Range System, Global Positioning System, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, Military Satellite Communications, and Space Based Infrared System. Work will take place in Colorado Springs at Peterson and Schriever Air Force Bases.

Within the ACC Intelligence Directorate, Apogee will deliver analysis, collections, targeting, unit support, training, and technical expertise to evolve the USAF Intelligence domains. The company will support the development of intelligence tools and applications, systems to support Air Force operations, and achieve next-generation warfighting capabilities using data science and machine learning to facilitate data-driven decision making across the command. Primary work on this contract will take place at Joint Bases Langley-Eustis, Virginia with additional support in Texas, Nevada, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

“Winning these contracts makes Apogee the #2 Air Force solutions provider within OASIS Small Business Pool 1 over the last 24 months,” said Frank Varga, Vice President of Program Operations at Apogee. “We are very proud of our expansion of services. Such an accomplishment is a testament to our exceptional workforce, their dedication to the mission, and customers putting their faith in the Apogee difference.”

Founded in 2004, Apogee has grown steadily while serving U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Department of Defense Agencies/Joint Commands, as well as multiple Federal Civilian customers. At its inception, the company focused primarily on providing expertise and support in the space vehicles arena, so the AFRL and SLISS contracts represent a return to its roots. Over the past several years, Apogee has expanded its workforce to more than 300 analysts, engineers, and other management and operations experts. The company will continue to grow, adding expertise to respond to emerging customer demands.

“Apogee’s unique culture gives us an edge,” Varga said. “We hire the best and brightest in their field of expertise and give them an opportunity to grow with us and develop professional skills to lead. This allows Apogee to offer truly next-generation strategic and tactical expertise to tomorrow’s challenges. We’re grateful for these opportunities and excited about our future.”

Apogee is an established prime contractor leading the advancement of national security and defense solutions with premier teams of empowered professionals guided by visionary leadership, family-oriented engagement, and a passion for excellence. Apogee specializes in identifying, mitigating and resolving customers’ most complex challenges. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Apogee provides expertise in the following areas: Engineering & Science, Research, Training, Tech & Management Services, Cyber, and Analysis.