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Scientists Uncover Origins Of The Sun’s Swirling Spicules

Image Credit: NASA

June 23, 2017 – At any given moment, as many as 10 million wild jets of solar material burst from the sun’s surface. They erupt as fast as 60 miles per second, and can reach lengths of 6,000 miles before collapsing. These are spicules, and despite their grass-like abundance, scientists didn’t understand how they form. Now, for the first time, a computer simulation — so detailed it took a full year to run — shows how spicules form, helping scientists understand how spicules can break free of the sun’s surface and surge upward so quickly. Read More

Witness Cassini’s Finale At Saturn Live From JPL

Image Credit: NASA

June 23, 2017 – NASA is inviting social media users to apply for access to a two-day event culminating in the triumphant end of the Cassini mission to Saturn after nearly 20 years in space. Up to 25 selected participants for the September 14-15 event will tour, explore and share their experiences from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Read More

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U.S. Astronauts May Consider To Launch Aboard Soyuz Into 2020
Source: SpaceFlight Insider

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS, not only will U.S. astronauts launch to the International Space Station (ISS) in a Soyuz spacecraft through 2019, but also there is a strong possibility that Boeing will engage their Russian counterpart to continue the service through 2020.

$1 Million Investment In Future Space Explorers
Source: Rick Ambrose

At Lockheed Martin, we’re laser-focused on the future. What challenges will our customers face in 10, or even 20, years? What capabilities will a spacecraft need for a 2050 mission to a distant planet? What life-changing discoveries are out there, still waiting to be found? But another important question is at the top of our minds, too: who’s going to make all of these things possible? The question is especially relevant in Colorado where Lockheed Martin Space Systems has major operations.

Boost Your Innovative Space Exploration Business Idea Benefitting Earth!
Source: AZO/Space Exploration Masters

Space exploration contains large potential for the creation of innovative applications, products and services, also benefitting Earth . With new topics and application areas arise countless possibilities for technology transfer and novel ideas for space-based technologies and and their application in non-space industries, as well as new targets and opportunities for business. This year AZO has launched the Space Exploration Masters on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and in line with the goals of the ESA Space Exploration Strategy, in cooperation with strong world-class partners.

Will Mars Go Mute? NASA’s Aging Orbiters May Not Last Long Enough To Support Future Exploration
Source: Scientific American

A cry for help has come from planetary scientists pleading for a Next Mars Orbiter—or NeMO for short. Researchers say the spacecraft fleet currently orbiting the Red Planet are aging and there are no replacements in the works, imperiling future Mars landers, rovers and even possible human missions that will depend on orbiters to talk to Earth.

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