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NASA’s New Horizons Team Unravels The Many Mysteries Of Ultima Thule

March 18, 2019 – The farthest object ever explored is slowly revealing its secrets, as scientists piece together the puzzles of Ultima Thule – the Kuiper Belt object NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past on New Year’s Day, four billion miles from Earth. Read More

Saber Astronautics Wins $1.875M USAF Contract For A Virtual Reality Space Operations Center

The US Air Force has awarded Saber Astronautics a USD $1.875M Phase II contract to develop next generation space operations concept called the “Space Cockpit”. Space Cockpit is a world first virtual reality space operations center that enables operators across US services and allied partners to visualize the local space environment, make rapid decisions, and manage large number of space objects. Read More

Trembling Aspen Leaves Could Save Future Mars Rovers

Image Credit: University of Warwick

March 18, 2019 – Researchers at the University of Warwick have been inspired by the unique movement of trembling aspen leaves, to devise an energy harvesting mechanism that could power weather sensors in hostile environments and could even be a back-up energy supply that could save and extend the life of future Mars rovers. Read More

Advanced Industries (AI) Export Accelerator Grant Program Accepting Applications

March 18, 2019 – The Advanced Industries (AI) Export Accelerator Grant program is now accepting applications from current and aspiring Colorado exporters in the Advanced Industries who are looking to offset international business development and marketing costs. Read More

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OSIRIS-REx Spies On The Weird, Wild Gravity Of An Asteroid
Source: University of Colorado Boulder

OSIRIS-REx Images Allow Closer Look At Boulder Breakup On Bennu
Source: Planetary Science Institute

Astrobotic Commends Strong Support For Lunar Exploration In NASA’s FY2020 Budget Request
Source: Astrobotic

Ultima Thule Latest: An Ancient Red Worldlet, Dancing Lobe To Lobe
Source: Cosmos

An Odd Ball In Space: OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Studies Asteroid Bennu Up Close
Source: The University of Arizona

Galactic Center Visualization Delivers Star Power
Source: NASA

Maxar Technologies Appoints Jim Lee As General Counsel
Source: Maxar Technologies Ltd.

NASA Teams Install Key Space Launch System Stage Separation Mechanism
Source: NASA

NASA Instruments Image Fireball Over Bering Sea
Source: NASA

ExoMars Landing Platform Arrives In Europe With A Name
Source: ESA

Boeing Reaches Long Awaited SLS Engine Section Milestone As NASA Makes EM-1 2020 Schedule Push

Blue Origin Studying Repurposing Of New Glenn Upper Stages
Source: SpaceNews

Almost Ready: SpaceX Has Work To Do Before Dragon Is Ready To Carry Crew
Source: SpaceNews

RUAG Revises Strategy To Win Constellation Orders
Source: SpaceNews

Inmarsat Receives Another Acquisition Offer — This Time From A Consortium Of Public And Private Investors
Source: SpaceNews

Fermi Clocks ‘Cannonball’ Pulsar Speeding Through Space
Source: NASA

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Is Put To The Test
Source: NASA

Maneuver Puts SpaceIL Lander On Course For The Moon
Source: SpaceNews

Mynaric Raises $12.5 Million From Mystery Constellation Customer
Source: SpaceNews

Administration Proposes The End Of EUS While Administrator Considers Full Exploration Manifest Rewrite

Electric Trainer Meeting Expectations
Source: AOPA

Ultra-Sharp Images Make Old Stars Look Absolutely Marvelous!
Source: Gemini Observatory

Astronaut Kathryn (Kay) Hire Retires From NASA
Source: NASA

Cooper Optimistic Congress Will Approve Space Force, But Will It Solve The Problem?

The Road To Mars Includes A Detour Through Lakewood
Source: Englewood Herald

Colorado Air And Space Port Slated For Construction At Front Range Airport
Source: FOX31 Denver

Australia’s Space Industry Rockets Ahead
Source: The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

Dave Mackay: Welcoming Virgin Galactic To The Explorers Club And Meeting The Apollo 11 Astronauts
Source: Virgin Galactic

Seminar: Successfully Navigating InSight To Mars – March 20
Source: University of Colorado Boulder

ESA’s Hera Asteroid Mission Borrows Eyes Of NASA’s Dawn
Source: ESA

Two Aerospace Students Recognized As “Tomorrow’s Leaders”
Source: University of Colorado Boulder

Spiraling Giants: Witnessing The Birth Of A Massive Binary Star System
Source: RIKEN

OneWeb Secures $1.25 Billion In New Funding After Successful Launch
Source: Parabolic Arc

The USAF Shouldn’t Narrow Competition For Its Satellite Launches
Source: Defense One

Former Kennedy Space Center Director Richard G. Smith Passes Away
Source: NASA/Kennedy Space Center

DARPA Continues Work On Satellite Servicing Program As It Seeks New Ride
Source: SpaceNews

SpaceX Preparing To Begin Starship Hopper Tests
Source: SpaceNews

Japan Taps Toyota To Build Futuristic Moon Rover

A Habitat Prototype For NASA’s Moon-Orbiting Gateway
Source: Room, The Space Journal

Energy Loss Gives Unexpected Insights In Evolution Of Quasar Jets
Source: ASTRON