York Space Systems Announces Multiple Payload Opportunities

February 15, 2016 – York Space Systems has multiple payload flight opportunities on two upcoming Government missions. York is currently developing two missions, one flying in Q3 of 2017, and the other in the Q2 2018 timeframe. Both utilize York’s AESV S-Class 3-axis stabilized spacecraft platform, and each are capable of supporting payloads of up to 90kg and 100W of Orbit Average Power (OAP).

“We have worked closely with our partners to provide a very unique opportunity to Payload and data providers throughout the industry,” said Wells Person, Chief Operating Officer of York Space Systems. “These missions will provide the space industry the ability to demonstrate that they can deliver great products quickly. Additionally, these missions are particularly unique because they provide a free launch for the Payloads. Because of the capabilities of these platforms, we envision multiple Payloads and a wide variety of Payloads per spacecraft, including cubesats. Right now, we want to learn more about Payloads in development or ones ready to meet the launch deadlines.”

The AESV platform leverages a universal design approach with a single platform that can support multiple missions without redesign. The approach allows non-reoccurring engineering costs to be amortized across multiple customers, as opposed to single-point design approaches that exist today.

York recently completed assembly of their first primary spacecraft structure, which will undergo structural testing in the coming months.

“We were able to successfully demonstrate that using our mass production platform design, an entire spacecraft could be assembled and tested by two personnel in a single day,” said Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer of York. “Leveraging our universal spacecraft approach, we can easily ramp to hundreds of satellites a year with minimal staffing increases. Obviously, we are excited to see our investment early in the platform design, is showing the dramatic results we had hoped for.”

York Space Systems is an aerospace company based in Denver, Colorado, specializing in small and medium class spacecraft. The company is currently developing the AESV S-Class platform, which leverages a proprietary design to reduce the cost of manufacture by an order of magnitude. The S-Class platform is a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft capable of supporting 90kg payloads with up to 100W of Orbit Average Power (OAP).

Designed for mass manufacture and intended for constellations, the S-Class supports a wide range of missions including earth observation and communication. It is capable of steady state operation in any orbit inclination and orientation without redesign. The platform form factor can leverage existing share ride opportunities on ESPA, or can be adapted to any of the numerous dedicated small launch vehicles. It is currently under development to significantly reduce launch segment costs.