Space Grant Team Gets Otherworldly With Experiment Launch

November 23, 2016 – The Pueblo Community College (PCC) Space Grant Team traveled north to Limon, Colorado, on November 12 to launch balloon flights into space with three experiments on board. PCC was one of nine Colorado schools participating in the launch.

PCC’s first two experiments consisted of the design of a microscope (unofficially named a Go-pro-scope) and two microscopic organisms, tardigrades – launched in a Doctor Who TARDIS, of course – and saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast). The second comprised solar panels with different colored gels to test voltage readings.

The balloons reached a height of 101,000 feet and returned to earth in a little over two hours. The students have been working on their experiments all semester and are now evaluating results of the trip to space.

Team members are Johnathon Branaum, Owen Engen, Lori Hannis, Tom Martinez, David Paez, Kyle Pettit and Zachary Thallas. They are led by instructor Joey Mathews. The creation of the team was made possible by Colorado’s Space Grant Consortium, funded by NASA through the University of Colorado-Boulder.