SEAKR Appoints Kent Lietzau To Lead Company’s Business Development

SEAKR Appoints Kent Lietzau to Lead Company’s Business Development. Image Credit: SEAKR

November 17, 2019 – SEAKR Engineering, Inc. (SEAKR) has appointed Kent Lietzau to lead Business Development for the expanding space electronics company. Lietzau will oversee growth in SEAKR’s commercial, civil and government business arenas.

Kent Lietzau joins SEAKR after several years at United Launch Alliance (ULA) where he served as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. While at ULA, Lietzau established the strategy and business development team and oversaw opportunity growth for ULA’s launch service businesses.

Prior to ULA, Lietzau was Vice President of Business Development for Lockheed Martin’s Strategic and Missile Defense Systems, overseeing competitive pursuits and ongoing business development for Lockheed Martin’s $2-3B business area.  Prior to this, Kent served in strategy roles at Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and McKinsey & Company.  He was also an engineer at Lockheed Martin, and a Flight Test Engineer in the U.S. Air Force. 

Lietzau holds a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the United States Air Force Academy.

Kent enjoys life in Colorado with his wife and four children.