These are STEM or Space related opportunities that are currently available to residents of Colorado. Please see linked web pages for additional information. Not everyone will qualify for these opportunities. We are not affiliated with any of the organizations offering these opportunities and inclusion here is not an endorsement of any company or organization.


Opportunity: JWST Master Class Workshop
Deadline: June 3, 2019; 5 p.m. ET

Description: STScI will host approximately 25 participants for a 4.5-day, in-depth Master Class workshop in Baltimore, MD on November 18-22, 2019. The Master Class will include topics related to JWST proposal planning, including user tools, instrument modes, example science cases, documentation, and help resources, as well as guidance with teaching these topics to others. Individuals selected to participate in the Master Class are expected to prepare for the workshop at STScI, to attend the workshop in person, and to host regional events. Although not required, we encourage partnered or team applications from geographically-concentrated institutions. In the case of partnered applications, STScI will host one member of the team for the November workshop in person and make a remote connection available for others.