One Man’s Legacy Of Giving Will Help FLC Students Look To The Stars

Image Credit: Fort Lewis College

Image Credit: Fort Lewis College

June 24, 2016 – For nearly three decades, Fort Lewis College (FLC) students have benefited from the generosity of a man they would never meet. Through his estate, the late Roy Dalpra, who lived around Farmington, New Mexico, has given more than half a million dollars to support FLC.

The latest gift, $288,000 for the College’s new Geosciences, Physics & Engineering (GPE) Hall, will help complete FLC’s most technologically-sophisticated facility to date.

“He was a quiet, but generous guy who valued education,” says Darrin Church of Dalpra. Church is the president of Farmington’s Citizens Trust & Investment Corporation, the organization overseeing the Dalpra accounts.

When it’s completed, the GPE Hall’s rooftop observatory deck will be dedicated to Dalpra. Not only will the rooftop space offer some of the most remarkable views short of climbing a fourteener, but it will also house FLC’s observatory and telescopes.

For FLC students like Elinor Mullin, a senior physics major, a look to the heavens meant utilizing the College’s observatory 20 miles away in Hesperus, Colorado. When the GPE Hall is completed in late 2016, the new rooftop observatory will add to FLC students’ ability to explore the final frontier.

You can watch the construction of the new Geosciences, Physics & Engineering Hall live at