Oklahoma Congressman Releases Major Space Policy Legislation


April 13, 2016 – On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) released the American Space Renaissance Act, groundbreaking legislation intended to permanently secure the United States as the world’s preeminent space-faring nation. The comprehensive and bold reform bill covers national security, civil, and commercial space policies and programs.

Congressman Bridenstine said, “Space is critical to the American way of life. Space-based technologies have transformed the way we communicate, navigate, conduct financial transactions, and fight wars.”

It’s clear that innovation is outpacing regulation. There is regulatory uncertainty regarding non-traditional space activities and no single government entity with the power to make and enforce decisions.

The American Space Renaissance Act attempts to lead the industry forward and resolve some of these issues, while still maintaining the delicate balance between international treaties and emerging space technologies.

“America has long dominated the ‘ultimate high ground’ of space. However, space is becoming more congested, contested, and competitive. Even so, private companies are developing revolutionary technologies – from reusable rockets to asteroid mining and human space habitats. The American Space Renaissance Act makes comprehensive and bold policy advances and reforms necessary to ensure American leadership in space.”

The American Space Renaissance Act can be viewed online in its entirety.