March 16 – March 23, 2020

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AEHF-6 Payload Hoisted Atop Powerful Atlas V Rocket
Source: ULA

Orion Spacecraft For Artemis I Is Put To The Test At NASA’s Plum Brook
Source: NASA

European Gateway Experiment Will Monitor Radiation In Deep Space
Source: ESA

Ammonium Salts Found On Rosetta’s Comet
Source: ESA

Lockheed Martin Elects James D. Taiclet As President And CEO
Source: Lockheed Martin

NASA Selects Proposals To Study Stars, Galaxies, Cosmic Collisions
Source: NASA

UCAR Licensing Agreement With AER Will Boost Use Of GNSS Satellite Data

AFA Cancels In-Person STEM Championship Competitions
Source: Air Force Association

Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission’s 5th Year Breaking Records In Space
Source: NASA

Tory Bruno Outlines ULA Transition To Vulcan And National Security Launches

Small Robots Practice Scouting Skills For Future Moon Mission
Source: NASA/JPL

SwRI Supports Commercial Satellite Servicing
Source: Southwest Research Institute

Bennu’s Boulders Shine As Beacons For NASA’s OSIRIS-REx
Source: NASA

NOAA Launches New Approach To Accelerate Innovation And New Science In Weather Modeling
Source: NOAA

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract To Develop Prototype Protected Tactical Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Payload
Source: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin To Receive First Space Foundation Athena Education Award
Source: Space Foundation

Space Symposium In Colorado Springs Suffers Blow With Coronavirus Travel Ban
Source: The Gazette

Teacher Accepted Into NASA Program
Source: Douglas County News-Press

Final AEHF Satellite Mated To Atlas 5 Launcher At Cape Canaveral
Source: Spaceflight Now

Aerojet Rocketdyne To Open New Facility To Develop Solid Rocket Motors
Source: SpaceNews

ILS Hires New President, Gets Approval To Market Soyuz
Source: SpaceNews

Researchers Find New Minor Planets Beyond Neptune
Source: University of Pennsylvania

ESO Telescope Observes Exoplanet Where It Rains Iron
Source: ESO

UNM Scientists Find Earth And Moon Not Identical Oxygen Twins
Source: University of New Mexico

SpaceX’s Starship Will Soon Be Made Of Different Stuff

What About Colorado? Air Force Will Restart The Search For Space Command’s Home
Source: Colorado Public Radio

ExoMars To Take Off For The Red Planet In 2022
Source: ESA

NASA Science To Hold Virtual Community Town Hall Meeting
Source: NASA

Slime Mold Simulations Used To Map The Dark Matter Holding The Universe Together
Source: NASA/Hubble

Transforming Energy Into Imagery: How Satellite Data Becomes Stunning Views Of Earth

NASA Selects First Science Instruments To Send To Gateway
Source: Parabolic Arc

NASA Hard At Work In Colorado On New Snow Sensing Satellite
Source: OutThere Colorado

New Type Of Pulsating Star Discovered
Source: University of Sydney

Turbulent Convection At The Heart Of Stellar Activity
Source: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Jacobs Selected By US Air Force Research Laboratory, Aerospace Systems Directorate West For Rocket Propulsion Lab R&D Support
Source: Jacobs

uniphi space agency Launches The Virtual Astronaut Initiative
Source: uniphi space agency

China Launches Beidou Satellite, Aims For Completion Of Navigation Network In May
Source: Spaceflight Now

Coronavirus Concerns Force Closure Of NASA Center, Some Space Industry Events Canceled
Source: Spaceflight Now

Intellian Signs Production Contract To Build Range Of OneWeb User Terminals
Source: Parabolic Arc

Spaceflight Readies 28 Payloads For Inaugural Rideshare Launch On Arianespace’s Vega
Source: Parabolic Arc

Is The End Near For Mars Odyssey? Trump’s Proposed 2021 Budget Could Doom Long-Lived Mission

New Musical Tells Voyager Space Story Through ’70s And ’80s Song
Source: CU Boulder Today

Musk: We’re Not Spinning Off Starlink
Source: SpaceNews

Soyuz ST-A Falcon Eye-2 Launch Delayed By A Month

CRS-20 Final Dragon 1 Arrives At The ISS

Astronauts Capture SpaceX Cargo Capsule With Robot Arm For Final Time
Source: Spaceflight Now