Funding Opportunity For Education Technology Accelerators

May 11, 2016 – The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Growth Accelerator Fund Competition recently opened, with applications due June 3, 2016. The competition provides awards of $50,000 to new or existing “accelerators” around the country.

Accelerators are organizations that work with technology developers and provide “one-stop shop” support and expertise across many areas of a project – from software development, to copyright protection, to business planning and networking, and through seed funding or investments. In the field of education, accelerators often support developers in advancing prototypes to fully developed technologies for wide-scale use in schools.

Awards through the competition are intended to strengthen an accelerator’s capacity to support developers in transferring early stage prototypes into scalable technologies and in launching fully developed technologies on a wide-scale basis.The broader goal is for the technologies to address national needs and grow the economy through job creation and private sector commercialization.

Through a topic focusing on education research, the Department of Education’s Small Business Innovation Research Program – operated out of the Institute of Education Sciences, is partnering with the SBA in the current round of the competition.

Applications to the Education Technology Research Topic are required to include plans for accelerators to utilize up to $50,000 to support small businesses in conducting scientific research to develop and to evaluate technology products that support student learning, teacher instruction, or school administration. Research plans must address building capacity for developers to perform concept testing, iterative research, or pilot evaluations. The intended outcomes of this topic include stronger research by small businesses in the development and evaluation of new forms of education technology.

See the Request for Applications for how to apply, and Appendix B for more information on the Education Technology Research Topic. Applications are due June 3, 2016.