DigitalGlobe Launches New Maps API And Portal For Developers

August 13, 2015 – DigitalGlobe, Inc. today announced a new product focused on the growing community of location-aware application developers. DigitalGlobe Maps API is a simple, cost-effective, subscription service for embedding satellite imagery, maps and other geospatial content into mobile and web apps.

Geospatial information is now a key feature of many consumer apps and powers a wide range of business intelligence tools. DigitalGlobe satellite imagery is already an essential part of the most popular online mapping services – now DigitalGlobe has an offering to serve the thriving community of consumer and business developers who have not leveraged DigitalGlobe content in the past.

DigitalGlobe Maps API enables developers to enhance their applications with accurate, current, high-resolution satellite imagery and detailed map layers. Full information, documentation, and sample code is available on our developer portal at

“The launch of DigitalGlobe Maps API and our new developer portal is the culmination of a series of strategic investments and partnerships that focus on allowing our customers to build our imagery, maps, and analytics into their applications and customer solutions,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, DigitalGlobe CEO. “By streamlining access to our industry-leading content and enabling subscription services like Maps API, we are positioned to unlock a large and vibrant new customer base and expand our Location Based Services business.”

To power the Maps API, DigitalGlobe partnered with Mapbox, which provides an SLA-backed, scalable and reliable platform for distributing DigitalGlobe’s world-class imagery and is already a trusted brand for developers seeking to integrate map content into their applications.

DigitalGlobe Maps API delivers the best commercially available satellite imagery as well as street, elevation, and terrain maps into web or mobile applications. In particular, Maps API offers DigitalGlobe’s premium +Vivid Basemap, the most beautiful and consistent visualization of our planet, as well as regularly refreshed images of the most dynamic places on earth. DigitalGlobe curates all this content in the cloud from where it is delivered directly to end-users, allowing developers to avoid dealing with hosting and focus on building great apps.

DigitalGlobe Maps API displays satellite imagery that is more current and more visually consistent than other map APIs. As owners of the imagery content, DigitalGlobe is uniquely positioned to offer licensing terms that allow developers the flexibility to build applications that derive information from imagery or download it for offline use.

More information about DigitalGlobe Maps API, as well as other developer tools, is available at