Ball Aerospace’s Casey Waggy Receives Society Of Women Engineers Award

September 25, 2017 – Casey Waggy, a systems engineer at Ball Aerospace, has been recognized by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) with the Outstanding SWE Counselor Award for 2017. This award is bestowed upon a member who has made an outstanding contribution to a SWE collegiate section by serving as a mentor, and working as the link between the collegiate section and the greater SWE community.

Waggy is an active SWE member at the society, regional and section levels who is making an outstanding technical contribution to her engineering field. She strives to share power and knowledge with everyone around her and is a sought-after role model for SWE students and professionals alike. Waggy served as the University of Colorado SWE (CU-SWE) Counselor for six years and has significantly strengthened the relationship between the SWE-CU and the SWE Rocky Mountain Section (RMS).

“Casey has been instrumental in connecting the CU-SWE with the local RMS,” said Debra Facktor, vice president and general manager, strategic operations and commercial aerospace business at Ball Aerospace. “As a mentor and role model, she has helped develop engineers in the community by inspiring young women to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers.”

Waggy’s career at Ball began in the summer of 2007 as an intern. Since returning to the company in 2008 she has achieved several technical accomplishments working on a number of high-profile programs including WorldView 3, a commercial Earth observation spacecraft for DigitalGlobe; and the next-generation Joint Polar-orbiting Satellite System (JPSS-1), a collaborative program between NOAA and NASA, scheduled to launch on November 10, 2017.

“I love working with the collegiate students in the CU-SWE section, they have a passion for engineering, STEM outreach and continuous improvement that is contagious,” said Waggy. “It’s been an honor to offer support to their section and individual students over the years, I look forward to continuing my relationship with the section!”

Waggy joined SWE as an aerospace engineering student at the University of Michigan. She became a member of the SWE RMS when she joined Ball, serving on the executive council for seven years, including two years as section president. She is currently serving as the SWE Region I Governor.