AMERGINT Delivers Dream Chaser Serial And Virtual Front-End Processors To Sierra Nevada Corporation

Image Credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation

June 15, 2019 – AMERGINT Technologies has completed delivery of softFEP systems to Sierra Nevada Corporation for the Dream Chaser ground stations. SNC will deploy the softFEP Apps in a mixed hardware and virtualized environment to process the in-flight commanding and telemetry links for the Dream Chaser Cargo System.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Sierra Nevada Corporation in support of this inspirational spacecraft,” said Brian Willette, AMERGINT’s Director of Narrowband Digital Systems. SNC is using AMERGINT’s softFEP processors to connect Dream Chaser’s ground control system to NASA’s Space Network utilizing Space Link Extensions (SLE) connections. Willette added, “Our proven experience with the NASA networks and protocols reduce risk for the upcoming first cargo mission.”

SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft is a multi-mission space utility vehicle which was selected by NASA under the Commercial Resupply Service 2 (CRS2) contract to provide cargo delivery, return and disposal service for the International Space Station (ISS). It will carry supplies and science experiments up to the ISS, and then return safely to earth via a runway landing. The Dream Chaser spacecraft is to provide a minimum of six cargo missions and is slated for its first mission in 2019.

softFEP products already support many of the mission critical links to the ISS and other related programs. Willette noted, “The configurability and flexibility of AMERGINT’s softFEP products are a perfect match in a mixed hardware and virtualized environment such as this.”

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, delivering signal, protocol and data processing software applications to the satellite ground, test, and data acquisition markets.