Above And Beyond: Cosmic Conversations

Image Credit: Fiske Planetarium

Image Credit: Fiske Planetarium

July 22, 2016 – On Tuesday, July 26, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium will host a talk by Graham Lau on the Craziest Creatures in the Solar System. This free community event is targeted for children of all ages and will begin at 7 p.m.

From parasites that turn their hosts into zombies to microbes that can survive inside of nuclear reactors, life on Earth can seem pretty wacky. This talk will explore the Earth’s most extreme environments to see how life has made a living in the harshest conditions. Extreme examples of hearing, vision, and other senses will be discussed.

Understanding the varied forms and functions of life on Earth gives scientists context for asking what aliens might look like fi we’re not alone in the Universe, and what kinds of ecosystems and biospheres we might find beyond Earth.

This show will be presented as part of the Astrobiology Graduate Conference, a meeting for graduate students across the country to discuss their research in biology, chemistry, geology, planetary science and astronomy. Participants in the conference will be standing by in the planetarium to answer questions and help children explore the planetarium’s interactive displays.

Lau earned undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry from York College of Pennsylvania in 2007. He’s studied astrophysics and geology at the University of Colorado Boulder. His Ph.D. research, funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA, focuses on microbial sulfur cycling in polar environments. Lau can be followed through his blog, “A Cosmobiologist’s Dream.”

Free tickets will be available at Fiske 30 minutes prior to showtime. (Limit 1 ticket per person.)

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