6th International Workshop On Climate Informatics


July 6, 2016 – The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, will host the 6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics from September 22-23, 2016. Climate informatics broadly refers to any research combining climate science with approaches from statistics, machine learning and data mining.

The Climate Informatics workshop series seeks to build collaborative relationships between researchers from statistics, machine learning and data mining and researchers in climate science. Because climate models and observed datasets are increasing in complexity and volume, and because the nature of our changing climate is an urgent area of discovery, there are many opportunities for such partnerships. The workshop aims to stimulate the discussion of new ideas, foster new collaborations, grow the climate informatics community, and thus accelerate discovery across disciplinary boundaries.

The format of the workshop seeks to overcome cross-disciplinary language barriers and to emphasize communication between participants by featuring tutorials, invited talks, panel discussions, posters and break-out sessions.

Researchers interested in learning about critical issues and opportunities in the field of climate informatics are invited to attend, whether established in the field or just starting out.

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