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Thanks for visiting Colorado Space News. I have decided to cease publication of this site. For over three years I have worked under the altruistic belief that I could make a difference by letting people know about all of the cool things that are happening in the aerospace industry in Colorado. I thought that by doing my little part, the public would be more aware of the great things happening in our state and generally more supportive of the space industry. In turn, I expected this to strengthen the industry.

Colorado Space News has been a passion project of mine and I have operated under the assumption that eventually, local government officials, universities, and businesses would realize that I was a unique asset … free advertising for our aerospace community and a way to get the word out about exciting news, events, and opportunities that would be relevant to my readers.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made that connection with schools, businesses or the government, and with the mainstream media reporting more and more space news each day, I’ve realized that the content I’m offering is not particularly unique. Most space news sites have larger staffs and larger budgets, can attend launches, conferences, etc. Most newspapers have the encouragement of local businesses and governments. In every way, there is someone more qualified to report the news than I can. And since this has been a full-time (volunteer) job, I have finally realized that there is no point in simply regurgitating the news that you can get elsewhere.

I appreciate your support. It’s been an amazing experience.