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Astrobotic Selects ULA Vulcan Centaur Rocket To Launch Its First Mission To The Moon

Image Credit: United Launch Alliance/Astrobotic

August 19, 2019 РAstrobotic announced today that it selected United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan Centaur rocket in a competitive commercial procurement to launch its Peregrine lunar lander to the moon in 2021. Read More

Mission To Jupiter’s Icy Moon Confirmed

A 2016 artist’s concept of the Europa Clipper spacecraft. The design is changing as the spacecraft is developed. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

August 19, 2019 – An icy ocean world in our solar system that could tell us more about the potential for life on other worlds is coming into focus with confirmation of the Europa Clipper mission’s next phase. The decision allows the mission to progress to completion of final design, followed by the construction and testing of the entire spacecraft and science payload. Read More

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